#BuhayiLog: How to Revive Asia’s Rivers

“We work all day to clean this river. Do you know that tomorrow, new trash will flow down from the uplands to again cover this riverbank with garbage?” says Junjun Brinola, a River Ranger from Imus in Cavite. “Our job never ends, but it’s okay with us. At least we’ll always have work.”

Cavite Principal Wages War on Waste

A veteran school administrator, Rhodora Sacramento, has been waging a War on Waste (WOW) since 2016, leading programs to minimize garbage by convincing her students to stuff plastic wrappers into bottle bricks, giving them their own personal eco-bags, and persuading them to throw used bottles and cans in convenient wireframe baskets. Collected bottles and cans are then sold to recyclers.

To Stem Tide of Trash, PEMSEA Calls for ‘Truly Biodegradable’ Packaging

An environmental organization reiterated the call for better local management of plastic waste and a shift to biodegradable packaging to manage plastic waste entering Manila Bay, a pollution hotspot, from Cavite’s Imus River, which it called “a conveyor belt” of trash.

Basurero: Inside the Lives of Garbage Pickers

Plastic has become such a leading pollutant that scientists have proposed to name this geologic era the Anthropocene, an epoch completely dominated by humans marked on the fossil record not by fossilized bones, but by plastic.

ASEAN Groups Highlight Solutions to Reduce Plastic Waste in Rivers, Coasts

Around 11 million tons of plastic enter our oceans yearly. This is equivalent to an entire garbage truck’s worth of plastic every minute,” said World Wide Fund for Nature Global Plastics Policy Coordinator Huy Ho during a webinar on “Replicable models on marine plastic pollution monitoring” early this month.

Webinar on Marine Plastic Pollution Monitoring Slated for November 9

Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA) is organizing a webinar on replicable models on marine plastic pollution monitoring on 9 November 2021. The webinar is slated from 2PM to 5PM (GMT+7) via Zoom and is open to all interested parties.